Camera Operator Bundle

Basic Kit comes with:

  • Lilliput A7S 7″ Field Monitor
  • Libec ZC-LP Zoom Controller

Cable upgrade kit includes the Basic Kit and:

  • Kondor Blue 12-24″ coiled Full to Mini HDMI Pigtail
  • 15′ Full to Full Gator Cable


A camera operator bundle offers an array of features that make operating cameras simple and efficient. The bundle includes a 7″ monitor for easy viewing of the action. A zoom controller for precise and dynamic zooms, and a cable upgrade kit to ensure peak performance. With this comprehensive package, camera operators have all they need to take creativity from idea to reality. Through the 7” monitor, you can get a clear view of your shot while using the intuitive zoom control on your set-up hand grip allows precise placing of subjects in focus or zooming in to captivate moments with smooth dynamic zooms.


With the cable upgrade kit, premium cables are included, so you feel safe knowing you will never miss another detail due to outdated cable technology. Finally, as an added bonus, the camera operator bundle is designed to be incredibly lightweight and easy to transport. So no matter where your next event takes you, you’ll be ready with everything you need. Investing in this comprehensive package today is sure to pay off rewards with every filming session!

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